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The CC100 range is our benchmark all-rounder, with a classical somewhat retro design, this machine finds itself at home in any environment.

Simplicity, elegance, and purity best describes our popular CC100. The exceptionally versatile range, includes a 1 group, 2 group compact, 2 group and 3 group machines, so it really is a machine for everyone.

With striking aesthetics, which include satin stainless-steel panels and vivid colour accents, this machine harmonizes with any environment. It is also packed with the latest technology ensuring it punches well above its weight and consistently surpasses expectations of espresso extraction and build quality.

Adjustable Temperature Using P.I.D.

Control espresso extraction temperature and perfectly match machine to bean, to encourage consistency and give results, shot after shot.
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Tall Cup

No matter which configuration you choose, the CC100 is available in Tall Cup format at no additional cost, making takeaway service simple and efficient.
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Pre wet the coffee bed, helping with more even espresso extraction and greater flavour.

Additional Features

Display Option – The display offers diagnostics and real time user information such as service reminders and boiler temperatures.

Eco Mode – Utilising our Eco mode, reduce your power consumption by up to 40% overnight or when closed.

Auto Cleaning – Never use a dirty machine again, simple to operate, helps to ensure your machine is ‘always sparkling clean’.

Compact Model – Designed to squeeze into tight spaces whilst still packing a massive punch of performance.

CC100 dimensions